Episode 6: Hypermobility, A Quest for Stability

In many forms of dance, joints that move through a large range of motion are admired and adored by dancers, choreographers, teachers, and audiences alike. However, extreme mobility comes with challenges that are not always recognized or appreciated. In Episode 6, Jessica Lassiter, DPT, discusses hypermobility. She explains what it is, why it can lead to specific injuries and how to maintain hypermobile health with simple exercises that enhance proprioception and stability.

Visit Jessica’s website: http://www.jessicalassiterpt.com/ or visit her at the Mark Morris Wellness Center

Host: Ellie Kusner
DanceWell Founders: Ellie Kusner and Marissa Schaeffer
DanceWell Website: www.dancewellpodcast.com
DanceWell email: dancewellpodcast@gmail.com
DanceWell Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DanceWellPodcast/

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